Here is a list of the project I work, or have worked on :

  • Jitsi Hammer

    Jitsi Hammer is a stress test tool designed to stress Jitsi Videobridge. It creates fake participants for a Jitsi Meet conference, and then start to stream audio and video for them. The streams being handled and mixed by Jitsi Videobridge, the goal is to see how Jitsi Videobridge handle 10,20, 50 or even 100 participants.

    Jitsi Hammer was a Google Summer of Code project I’ve worked on during the Summer 2014 (and I keep working on it), for the Jitsi Project.

  • NoDesk App

    NoDesk is project of a Android/iOS/.. App I’ve worked on for the Adullact contest.
    The goal of the contest was to create an App that could be used by regional government or local government.

    I was part of a group composed by 4 people. NoDesk is an App allowing users to create case files from custom template (previously created and added to the server) from phone and tablet, with media attachement (audio, video, picture), and coordinates etc… and then send the files to the server, so that the files are used afterward by other persons.