My photo Hi, my name is Thomas Kuntz. I’m a french student at the University of Strasbourg, currently in the 2nd year of a Master degree in Computer Science with a speciality in Network and Embedded Systems.

If I had to describe myself, I would say that I’m smart,resourceful and responsible : I easely tend to take care of things myself, and only ask for help when I’m totally stuck. I see this as a quality but also as a flaw, because it make me more used to work alone than in a team (even though I’m still capable to do so).

I’m also passionate about Computer Science, taking every change I can get to learn new things, especially in embedded programming : even though my univertisy course give some class on embedded programming, I have taught myself a lot about electronics and embedded programming (for example with personnal Arduino based projects).

On my free time, I usually work on my personnal project, play videogames (my favourite games for now are FF9 and the Dark Souls series), read novel or mangas, and some other minor things.

You can have a look at my resume if you’re interested in me : french version or english version.

Here is the link to my linkedin page, and my github page.